== Ravi Dwivedi's personal website ==

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ravi. This is my home on the internet.

I post about my personal experiences and views on this blog. I raise awareness about issues related to free/swatantra/mukt software(users have the freedom to run, study, modify, adapt and improve the software) and digital privacy. I would like to make free software and digital privacy accessible to all by raising awareness and guiding them.

This website is hosted on Gitlab pages which is not accessible to users from Iran without a VPN or Tor. I am looking for a way to mirror the website on some other server so that censoring Gitlab does not censor the website.

All the blogs here should be accessible by non-technical people as well. If this is not true, please let me know. The blogs are in the posts section. Also, let me know in case you have any suggestions for this website.

I hangout on FSCI (https://fsci.in) chat rooms and collaborate to work for free software.

My Mastodon profile is here.

I have a peertube channel at this URL where I post videos.

Thanks for visting my home page. Nice to meet you. Before we leave, I would like to make some urgent announcements.

Urgent Announcements