== Ravi Dwivedi's personal website ==


Let’s use only free software to communicate. You can consult this list to explore free software options.

  • The easiest way to chat with me is to download Quicksy app from Google Play Store or F-Droid. If you have my phone number, then my contact will automatically show in your Quicksy account, otherwise you can add me by clicking this link and then click on ‘ADD RAVI’ box, which you can open in the Quicksy app.

    You can also add me manually in Quicksy or using any other XMPP app using my XMPP address: ravi@poddery.com. If you are curious why I recommended Quicksy, please read this article. Read here for reasons not to use WhatsApp.

  • Email: ravi at ravidwivedi dot in .

    Please don’t forget to encrypt your mails with my GPG keys.

    If you aren’t encrypting your emails already, try pep, which is a free/swatantra software, very easy to use and your mails will be encrypted by default. A guide for encryption using pep is here.

    Further, I recommend you to read useplaintext.email which explains why you should write emails in plaintext and not in HTML.

  • My IRC nickname is ravi on irc.libera.chat.

  • Mastodon @ravi@masto.sahilister.in