== Ravi Dwivedi's personal website ==

About me

Hi, I am Ravi from India. I have a BSc Honors in mathematics from Acharya Narendra Dev College, Delhi and Masters in Mathematics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. You can use he/him/his pronouns for me in English. I identify as irreligious.

I love meeting new people, studying any subject I am interested in(this subject happened to be mathematics for many years).

Moreover, I am a Free Software activist and I raise awareness about software that give users freedom to run, study, modify, share and share the modified versions of the software. I also raise awareness about the dangers of proprietary software(which denies users the above mentioned freedoms). Within the Free Software community, I collaborate and work for Free Software Community of India, Debian community and the LibreOffice community.

I am also a member of Indian Pirates, which aims to bring political change for making India a better place.