I have used Lineage OS on a couple of phones, but I noticed that internet using my mobile data was not working well on it. I am not sure why. This was the case in Xiaomi MI A2 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones. One day I met contrapunctus and they looked at their phone settings and used the same in mine and it worked. So, I am going to write here what worked for me.

The trick is to add an access point.

Go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Your SIM settings -> Access Point Names -> Click on ‘+’ symbol.

In the Name section, you can write anything, I wrote test. And in the APN section write www, then save. Below is a screenshot demonstrating the settings you have to change.

APN settings screenshot. Notice the circled entries.

This APN will show in the list of APNs and you need to select this one.

After this, my mobile data started working well and I started getting speeds according to my data plan. This is what worked for me in Lineage OS. Hopefully, it was of help to you :D

I will meet you in the next post.