I landed in Tirana, Albania today, which is a country in the balkans region of the Europe.

My first impressions are:

  • Tirana is neat and clean city with beautiful landscapes surrounding it.
Beautiful views at the Tirana airport just after landing.
Tirana International Airport.
Taxis outside Tirana International Airport.
Beautiful views on the way from Tirana airport to city center.
  • Locals are very patient and hospitable.

  • Streets are not very crowded and footpaths are wide.

Wide footpaths in Tirana.
Tree-lined sidewalks in Tirana.
A bus stop in Tirana.
  • The city has bars and cafes all around the place.
A bus stop in Tirana.
  • It is a well planned city.

  • It is cheaper than most of the places in Europe.

My first impression is that this is a very beautiful and hospitable place. Although, people who don’t eat meat can have some difficulties in finding good vegetarian food.

I hope to have fun in this Albania trip.