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Let's kick out BJP

It is very important that we remove Modi in 2024. Here I present some reasons. We also need to see what BJP is doing in the states where they rule for a bigger picture.

Poor economic growth and job-creation, deepening agrarian distress, rising caste and religious violence, and numerous corporate scandals are only some of supreme leader’s achievements. In sum, the actions of the Modi government have damaged India economically, socially, institutionally, internationally, ecologically, and morally.

Modi’s government wants not just our votes but the domination of psychological mindspace of the people, from controlling what people can wear, which religion they can follow, whom and where they marry, whom they are friends with, etc. This creates an additional layer of control of the ruling class over people.


Bigotry and Hindu Nationalism


Attacking Freedom of Speech

  • Freedom of expression has been severely deteriorated under Modi. Dissenting voices, by journalists, writers, academics or students face intimidation, harassment, prosecution, online abuse, and physical violence.

Crushing dissent

Women Rights

Kashmir Colonization and Repression

Harassing Journalists, Media and Human Rights Organizations

Jailing People Arbitrarily

Using Media As a Tool For Propaganda

Surveillance and Censorship

Online bullying and trolling

The evil Citizenship bill

Prioritizing Corporates Over People

Anti-Romeo Squads

Sabotaging Indian Citizens in Covid-19 Pandemic

Prashant Kishor put the handling of Covid-19 by the Modi government very well in his tweet:

Ban on foreign funding

Downfall of Economy And Rise In Unemployment

Weakening The Federal Structure Of The Country

Weakening Institutions

  • After Modi came to power, Supreme Court has been weakened considerably. The court is wary of taking positions critical of the central government. Supreme Court is considered the most important institution to protect the citizens against the government abuse and the hope of a democracy.

  • The treatment of the activist Stan Swamy by the judiciary of India is testimony to the judicial decline that appears to be coterminous with the current political regime in India. He had the degenerative Parkinson’s disease, and could not even do basic tasks, such as holding a spoon, writing, walking or bathing. Indeed, the court noted that he had a severe hearing problem, and was physically very weak. But even that did not move them. Every regular bail application that was filed by his lawyers was unequivocally rejected. When he applied for medical bail, the court kept adjourning the matter, and merely offered him the services of a private hospital. In Fr. Swamy’s case, the judges displayed apathy of a shocking order.

Rewriting History

Quoting Purushottam Agrawal, who put it brilliantly, “History is targeted by Hindutva and other similar political ventures, because they need to project their present politics as a ‘moral’ obligation to rectify so-called historical wrongs.” And that is the reason Hindutva groups seek to change the history to create a perception that will justify their actions.

Extrajudicial killings

Misdirections and Lies

Psychological studies have found that repeating a lie is a very effective tool for propaganda as people prefer familiarity to a statement rather than being rational. Modi also uses the same psychological tool to manipulate people.

Someone has created a website to document lies by Modi. Do check that out! The lies and propaganda by BJP is important to uncover because that creates a narrative, image and perception of BJP’s policies, work, etc. and of opposition like Congress. The golden rule is not to believe any lies by Modi.

Covering Up Failures By Not Releasing Government Data

Destroying Nature And Environment

Promoting Pseudoscience


Gujarat Riots 2002

Gujarat riots happened in 2002 well before Modi came into power in India in 2014. But Gujarat riots cannot be forgotten in connection to Modi as he was a chief minister there and Modi was complicit.