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Don't buy Apple devices

Last Updated: 29 November 2022

Apple is the most unethical tech company. It is bad in every aspect– be it software, hardware, right to repair, saving the environment, treating workers, producing devices in sweatshops, privacy of users, tax practices. Apple’s practices hurt users, workers, environment, economy and the society as a whole. The only way to get freedom in Apple devices is not to use them entirely. Please don’t listen to Apple when they say that they are concerned about your privacy and security. They are not. They restrict you for their own profits.

When buying an Apple device, you are buying a jail for yourself.

What can we do about this? We can stop buying from Apple and then raise awareness about the mistreatment that Apple does to its users and workers.

Cory Doctrow wrote on how the Apple’s locked system goes against you.


Apple’s software is malware. The software that Apple develops is nonfree/proprietary software and therefore users do not control it. Only Apple controls this software. This means users cannot inspect, study, modify or share the software. Apple uses this power over their users to introduce malfunctionalities into the software to spy on them and abuse them in various ways.


Don’t get fooled by Apple’s empty privacy promises. It is a popular mistake that while Google and Facebook are ad companies and collect user data, Apple is different. Apple is not different. It also collects as much data it can and it is also an ad company.


Anti-competitive behaviour

  • Apple charges 30% commission on the transaction fees on payments made to apps through its App Store.

  • iPhone users can only install apps available in Apple’s App Store. App Store only contains apps approved by Apple. This gives Apple so much power over their users and results in anti-competitive behviour as independent developers need to comply with Apple’s (unfair) rules to distribute their software in the App Store as users cannot install apps other than App Store.

  • Apple also prevents you from changing the operating system on the devices, so there’s no way to escape the restrictions. If you try to change the software on your device, Apple’s lawyers claim you are a criminal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). They’ve done this as recently as December 2019, when they used the DMCA to remove a post to Twitter that revealed an iPhone encryption key. Do you really own the iPhone you bought?

  • Apple removes apps which compete with Apple’s apps. This is one way Apple abuses its power.

Planned Obsolescence


Apple could do this because the App Store is nonfree software and users cannot install apps which are not in the App Store. This tight control of Apple over the users leaves them at the mercy of Apple. Don’t buy from Apple.

Quashing Right to Repair

  • Apple’s iPhone 7 gets bricked when repaired and fixed by someone else other than Apple.

Mistreatment of workers

Tax evasion